The West Side Minyan conducts open, warm, friendly, egalitarian, traditional Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur Services on the Upper West Side.

Our services, for singles and families of all ages, are led by knowledgeable members of our
own community. Beautiful Havurah-style services are conducted in a comfortable space in a
mixture of Hebrew and English. Translations are available, communal singing is encouraged.

Let your New Year begin on a high note!!

We meet at
Congregation Ansche Chesed
100 Street and West End Avenue.
West Side Minyan services are on the 5th floor. Times are subject to change!


Saturday, September 21, 2019
Community Selichot
Study session 10 PM
Services 11 PM

Rosh HaShanah

Sunday September 29
Evening Service
Candle lighting until 6:23 PM
Services 6:00 PM
Monday, September 30
Morning Service
Services 9:30 AM
Monday,September 10
Community Tashlikh

5:00 PM, meet in front of Ansche Chesed

6:15 PM, AC mincha/maariv in the Chapel

Tuesday, October 1
Morning Service
9:30 AM

Yom Kippur

Tuesday, October 8
Kol Nidre
Candle lighting until 6:08 PM
Services 6:00 PM
Wednesday, October 9 9:30 AM
Interlude around 2:00 PM
Resume 4:30 PM for Minha/Ne'ila
Tekiat shofar (end of fast) 7:06 PM


  1. It is now time to order tickets (at no charge) from Ansche Chesed. Please print and mail the order form from this link:

  2. Note that you need to order by September 16 to receive tickets by mail; after that date, you will need to pick up your tickets from the Ansche Chesed office. Please do not ask West Side Minyan for tickets: we have none to issue, only Ansche Chesed office issues tickets.

  3. If you do not order a ticket in advance, you must bring a picture ID and request admission to West Side Minyan services on the 5th floor. Security will not admit people without ticket or picture ID, for the safety of the community. Please bring a minimum of carry-ins as security will examine all bags. We urge everyone to comply with security out of respect for each other and for the entire community.

  4. For Ansche Chesed members: You should have received your Ansche Chesed Members' ticket order form in the mail. Any Ansche Chesed High Holiday ticket will admit you to the West Side Minyan services. If you have questions about your AC membership, please call the AC office at 212-865-0600.

Childcare and Family Services

Ansche Chesed offers family services as well as childcare on both holidays but you must register in advance; call the office at 212-865-0600 for more information. 

Kiddush and Break-Fast

We will have a Kiddush on both days of Rosh Hashanah following our morning services, and we will offer a light break-fast after Yom Kippur Maariv service.

About the West Side Minyan

The West Side Minyan is the oldest independent minyan at  Ansche Chesed.  We are an egalitarian, participatory, member-led, Conservative-style fellowship Havurah known for our inclusiveness and for our lively thought-provoking Torah discussions; our  members participate actively  in the Ansche Chesed community.   During the year, we hold services  on the second and fourth Shabbat of every month at 10:00 AM on the sixth floor of Anshe Chesed. 

This is also an excellent time to join or renew your membership to the West Side Minyan:  we do have expenses and  depend upon membership fees and contributions from supporters to meet our budget – every dollar counts.   We appreciate receiving your check (saves us credit card fees) but you can also pay online on our website,  In addition, we encourage each of you to become members of Anshe Chesed as WSM is an integral part of the AC community.   Note that membership fees for both WSM and  AC are "suggested"; if your income does not support paying the full fee, please pay an amount that you deem feasible and  respectable.   We welcome you to join us even if you are unable to contribute financially as your presence and your active participation are important to us.

For more information

For more information about the West Side Minyan and our High Holiday Services, please call Carol Goldstein at (917) 805-2757.